Loving ~ Compassionate ~ Divinely Awakened

Assisting in the elevation of Human Consciousness on Earth


Celestial Path ~ Unified Consciousness ~ Sacredness, Love, Truth and Freedom

Called into the world to free Souls from suffering and ignorance, Celestine has walked the "Wu Way Wu" path of Freedom and Truth for over 40 years. Her grandmother wisdom, mystical occult powers and professional therapeutic skills have liberated thousands of people from suffering. Star's sacred love for humanity and all life continues to bring blessings and healings to those in need. 


Celestrial Ascension Activations

Celestine began her life as a "Magickal Child" born into a modern occult family. She received an extensive education and became masterful in many of the esoteric and exoteric "Mystery School" sciences and arts. Star experiences Life as an "Alchemical Process" in which the forces of Nature are at constant play in our lives. The refinement of this alchemical process, which included a childhood  filled with  suffering and pain of childhood abuse, has shaped and transformed her into a divinely conscious and compassionate being. Star is trusted among her community and seen as a "Wisdom Keeper" ,"Spiritual Leader" and a "Professional Transpersonal Healer."

In 1986 Star opened the "Temple of Light" and "Enter Dimensional Services", a event and media company offering sacred Ceremonies, Vision Quests, Medicine Wheel Ceremonies, Oracles, education in Science and Alchemy, Religious Studies, Metaphysics, Health and Healing.  

Star continues today dedicating her life through her current businesses; Temple of Light,  Papillon Life Services,  and affiliates; the Fellowship and Temple of Isis, Mother Mary/Mary Magdalene communities and other conscious organizations. Star shares her wisdom, offers guidance, knowledge, and direction for the "Way Through" out of suffering, ignorance and pain. 

By recognizing and experiencing her own ascension of consciousness and divine awakening Star now gives assistance to those who are going through the "Eye of the Needle", as they say, or are on the "Path of Ascension".

For over 40 years Star has assisted thousands of people to embrace their lives, no matter how painful, by recognizing they are were born on Earth to mastering that which has caused them such pain, once mastered their pain becomes the wisdom and the "Divine Gift" they were here to offer to Humanity. Star teaches how in embracing one's "Human Story" we can experience an elevation of consciousness and the awakening of the our true "Divine Selves."

As a "Gateless Gate Keeper", carrying the sacred teachings of her Near Death contact with our Creator, her Native American and Kemetic-Egyptian ancestors, along with her wisdom and extensive studies in Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Celtic/Druid, and Arcane Magick Star is able to show the way through to the higher consciousness and the Truth of our Divinity. 

Dr. Celestine Star is here to assist those looking to transform their trauma and pain, evolve their consciousness, study the deeper mysteries of life or move through the alchemical process of ascension.

Star Light Healing Modalities are: Alchemical Transformative Healing Practices, Intuitive/Therapeutic Readings,
Life/ Relationship/Business Counseling, and Quantum Technologies: Bio Electric Magnetic Energy Regulation (B.E.M.E.R.), Radianic Healing tools, Gemstone Healing Technologies, Aroma Therapies and Nature. Will take your Life to the next level.