Celestine Star, D.D.

Celestine Star, D.D.

Celestine Star, D.D. Celestine Star, D.D. Celestine Star, D.D.

Grandmother,  Holistic Therapeutic Healer, 

Wisdom-Keeper,  Oracle,  Spiritual Leader, Intuitive Guide, Speaker and Author


Dr. Celestine Star, D.D. has been called a "Renaissance Woman" for our evolutionary times, possessing profound knowledge, wisdom and expertise in many fields of endeavor. Dr. Star has been offering humanity her sacred healing wisdom, extra intuitive and perceptive abilities, worldly business knowledge, and joyous creative artistic gifts for over 40 years. 

Star knows each person to be an expression of Creation, transmuting, transforming and evolving into an enlightened state of Divine Awareness through the Alchemical processes of Refinement.

Star is dedicated to facilitating the evolution of Human Consciousness on Planet Earth for the Benefit of All Sentient Beings. 

"Where it is needed facilitate Enlightened Change, ‘Keep The Way Sacred’ and "Manifest the Wisdom" to create a "Joyous and Beautiful World for All." ~ Celestine Star   

Star Light


Papillon Life Services

Golden Star Productions

Papillon Life Services


Transformative Services For

A Radiant Life

Holistic Therapeutic Healing

My specialties include Relationship, Business, Life Counseling, Alchemical and Clinical Hypnotherapy to assist you in moving through the traumas, blocks in your life for a more radiant mental health. 

Ask about our "Celestial Activations." For those on the 'Ascension of Path' we are here to offer support and guidance in the evolution of your consciousness through a alchemical processes that empowers and uplifts. Dive deeper into your Galactic and Spiritual Divine Self.  

For those working through chronic neurological pain or trauma Papillon Life Services offers "Bio-Current Therapy" a method  developed by Celestine Star utilizing over 30 years experience successfully offering you the best in "Pain and Trauma Management". When needed Star works with you  Chiropractor or Medical Doctor to assure the best out come in your healing process.


751 Center 

Professional Holistic Healthcare
751 Center Blvd. 

Fairfax, CA 94930

Mon: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Intuitive/Therapeutic Readings
and Counseling

Scheduled by Phone, Zoom and Facetime

Tues. to Fri. : 10:00 am - 4:30 pm
Evenings / Alternative Times 

by Appointment only. 


Temple of Light

Golden Star Productions

Papillon Life Services


Arch Priestess Celestine Star:

Sacred Ceremonies and Rituals, 

Lectures, Dharmic Theater,
Sacred Events, Mystery School, 

'Celestial Activations' for those on
the Ascension Path, Mystical Guidance and Teachings,  Medicine Wheel Tarot and Intuitive Readings, Ceremonies Alchemical Empowerments, Oracle Transmissions,  Birth, Hospice, Celebrations of Life.

Goddess Mysteries,
Ancient/Modern Kemetic
(Egyptian) Wisdom - Lectures
5D Transformative Empowerments,

Galactic Earth Council Meetings
and Lectures on the nature of
Galactic Consciousness and the Reintegration of our Galactic
Star Kin and Earth Kin. 



The Galactic Earth Council

Facilitating Earth's Galactic Ascension 

Celestial Activations, Galactic Origins 

Skywatch and More!

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Galactic Earth Council

We welcome you to sign up and become a member of our Galactic Earth Council community. You will receive invitations to our GEC Gatherings, Workshops, Lectures and GEC Newsletters. 


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Temple of Isis

Lyceum of the Sophia

Temple on Pleasant Hill

Divine Feminine Wisdom


Golden Star Productions

Golden Star Productions

Golden Star Productions


is a Northern California 

Professional Media & Events

Company offering Professional Events, Live-Streaming, Videography, Post Production, Graphics Design and Photography to a wide client base, 

and Innovative Artistic Production.

For over 20 years Golden Star Productions have been successfully providing services to satisfied clients. We offer high quality multimedia production and innovative creative direction in working with our clients to accomplish their goals.

Golden Star Media Crew Professional videographers, editors, sound engineers, photographers and web designers
Clientele:  Temple on Pleasant Hill - Debra Giusti, Temple of Isis, Mary Magdalene.org - Elizabeth Kelley Divine Women Wisdom-Christy Michaels,  NASA AMES, Cornegie  Mellen University, Yuri's Night 2007/2008 ,Zero Gravity Arts Consortium (ZGAC),  Virtual World Studio, National Space Society, International Space Development Conference 2006/2007, Harmony Festival 1997 - 2011, Anon Salon, Lady D and the Tramps, and more! 

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Celestine Star D.D.

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