Celestine* is a practitioner for Psychic Power.
She is a natural born 
Psychic, Medium and Tarot Reader, in service for over 30 yrs, offering accurate,
powerful, transformative knowledge.
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Psychic, Medium, Life Questions, Career and Finances, 
Dream Interpretations
LOVER & RELATIONSHIPS: Looking for Love, Soul Mate, Connections, Marriage &  Family, Breaking
up & Divorcing
TAROT: Tarot Reader- works with multiple Tarot Decks
SPIRITUALITY: Minister, Priestess, Spirit Guide, Transformative Healer, Medicine Woman, Shaman,
World Religions
OTHERS: Kabbalah, Occult, Mysticisms, Hermetic, Native Indian, Mayan


Gifted with natural psychic and medium abilities, mystical knowledge and a spiritual healing practice that spans over thirty years Celestine* has successfully offered her powerful, transformative knowledge of Life, Love Health, Healing and the Mysteries to hundreds of people.

Celestine* began her life as a Magickal Child born into a modern occult family. Her national lineages are Egyptian, Iroquois and French. A Near Death Experience at the age of 6 yrs. enhanced Celestine’s connection and knowledge of dimensions beyond our Earthly Plane. “Beings of Light”, as she calls the Heavenly Guides who have been with her since her journey into the afterlife, gave divine guidance to assist Celestine* in her service to Humanity and our Earth.

Celestine* was guided by the “Beings of Light” to acquire a deck of Tarot Cards at the age of 10. It began her life long studies into the ancient teachings of the Kabbalah, the Book of Sefer Yetzirah and other ancient mysteries. This along with her experiential knowledge of the Paranormal, Science, Pyramidology, Spiritism, and other forms of ancient esoteric studies allows Celestine* to offer very accurate professional Tarot Reading, Psychic Readings and Psycho Therapy, while her empathic abilities allows her to see deeply, with compassion, into matters of the heart, relationships, business and health.

In 1986, Rev. Celestine* D. Div, founded the “Temple of Light”. She offered professional healings and teachings in Psycho Therapy, Mystery School Teachings, Sacred Medicines and Shamanic Medicine Wheel Ceremonies to her international clientele and community. Her business, “Enter Dimensional Light Services” brought informational workshops and events in Cabbalist Teachings, Metaphysics, High Science, Alchemy, Health and Healing and other Esoteric Arts to the world.

Celestine* draws upon her great wealth of studies and life experiences such as the Healing Arts, including Eastern Philosophies I-Ching, Fung Shui, Tibetan Buddhist meditations and the healing yoga arts and her knowledge of the Sacred Medicine Wheel taught to her by a Arapaho Elder Ruby Sky. Her abilities and knowledge of the Spirit World is rich with potential. Celestine* is often called to give guidance for to those passing or those pasted over to the other side.

In 1996 she opened Calistoga Health and Beauty Spa where clients enjoyed counseling in health, healing messages, cranial sacral therapy and beauty treatments. Celestine* is dedicated to the health, healing and evolution of Humanity on Earth. You will find her to be insightful, kind, compassionate, trust worthy, responsible and direct in offering her services.

Celestine* focuses her readings on your needs, whether they are concerning your family issues, your love life, business, relationships, your need to look deeper into the shadows of your inner self in order to bring healing light or looking from the present to the future to sense what is the best path for your life. All Celestial readings are made from the heart with a desire to bring upliftment, enlightenment, positive change and compassionate wisdom to those in need.

Call Celestine* for a general reading, to answer specific issues in your life or receive a hypnotherapy healing in person or by your skype-phone.

May the Celestial readings you receive bring you great blessings of joy, love and happiness.

Don’t wait call Celestine* today 1-866-860-4978.

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