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The Sacred Courtesan School
Dec. 6-8, 2013

The 7 Gates of Ancient Feminine Power
Francesca Gentille

Guest Speaker:
Dr. Celestine Star

The 3rd Chakra ~
The Power to Manifest

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Dr. Celestine Star, DD, CT, AH, BCI, LC is a Holistic Therapeutic Healing Practioner, Coach, Speaker, Author and Spiritual Leader, who has offered lectures, workshops and has worked with thousands of clients and students from all over the world for over 20 years. She is also the Founder/Director and Arch Priestess of the Temple of Light, 1986, offering Trainings and Ordinations into the “Kemetic and Goddess Mysteries”, “Alchemical Empowerments” and “Celestial Activations” for those evolving to Higher Consciousness on their Sacred Path Home.

As a Business Woman for of over 20 years, Celestine's endeavors in Art, Science, Metaphysical Arts, Health, Healing and Multi Media have benefited humanity around the world. Her work includes writings, documentaries, films, graphical designs, paintings and web design. Recently Celestine has been assisting her business clients in producing Interactive Web Videos and Events/Media and Dharmic Theater. Celestine is the owner and Executive Producer of Golden Star Productions. (

Celestine Star is also Multi Disciplinary Artist: Dancing (since age 6), Fine Art, Sculpture, Computer Graphic Imaging, Painting, Writing, Poetry, Sand Blasted Glass, Beading, Visual Artistic Imaging (VJ), Musician and Performing Arts.


Empower the Children Now
A short video co-created by Celestine Star and Victoria Hazlett
to Empower the Children of the World. Enjoy!

Celestine finds great joy in her connection to Humanity and her Community through the Arts. She spent several years working as an administrator to the SF Arts Festival (1981-1982), SF and the Art in the Park Festival (1981), SF, curated by Frank Pietronigro, Co-Founder of the
Zero Gravity Arts Consortium
, of which she is currently a member.

Dr. Star danced and directed the Harmony Goddess Dance 2011, produced by Debra Giusti, Founder of the Harmony Festival. The Harmony Goddess Dancers were a 14-ensemble dance troupe with amazing musicians performing at the Harmony Festival in Santa Rosa, CA.

Dr. Celestine Star is the Founder and Director, Marin Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis, San Rafael, CA. an Associate Office to the Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis, Santa Rosa, CA. At times Dr. Star works with David Quigley, Founder and Director Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis, Santa Rosa, CA
Offering Alchemical Hypnotherapy Certification Classes in Marin.

(April to September 2011 Workshop was held at the World School of Message, Corte Madera, CA)

To make appointment with Dr. Star: Phone: 415-717-0762 / Email:
Papillon Life Center
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(800) 950-4984 or (707) 537-0495
to register or for more information.

Arch Priestess Celestine Star, Founder and Minister of The Temple of Light/ Enter Dimensional Light Services (1986). Celestine Star has also been ordained, as a Hierophant Priestess in the Order of the Fellowship and Temple of Isis, Geyserville, CA, since 2010. Star is currently offering, teachings in the Goddess Mysteries, Kemetic (Egyptian) Wisdom and Sacred rituals and Medicine Wheel Ceremonies through Lectures, Teachings and Co-Producing Events in the Northern Bay Area and around the World.

Celestine is known to many as a "Modern Prophetess" offering Celestine Prophecy Oracles. She has been transmitting sacred "Oracles" to humanity for over 20 years. Celestine says, "As our Mother Earth transforms into her Galactic Consciousness she will be moving and a shaking Earthly Body. Mother Gaia will be letting go of that which does not serve the 'Higher Purpose" of Unity and Oneness. It is time bring forth the "Way of the Ancient Oracle" once again, through the Modern Prophetess, enabling humankind to receive messages from the Divine that will assist in their lives and evolutionary process."

Celestine's heritage goes back to ancient Behdet, Egypt (Currently called Damanhur) birthplace of the first known Oracle Centers in the ancient world. In traveling back to her homeland in Kemet. Egypt in 1990 Celestine visited the site of the Oracle Temple of Behdet where to her dismay she discovered the Oracle Temple had been covered over by a Christian Church, though a few orginal relics remained on the grounds. Still the esoteric knowledge that the original Oracle Temples were founded in Egypt and were layed out to the North, South, East and West is a subject that will one day be explored more and brought to light.

Celestine discovered her natural Mediumship abilites soon after the passing of her mother in 1984, who was an Arch Priestess in a scared order. Celestine, in 1985, suddenly fell into a deep trance and began Channeling a "Being of Light" called Maiso-Keeper of the Books, from the 7th Council. She then began offering sacred Oracle transmissions and medium work that has carried her through to present day. She now offers private Celestial Activation Readings that have proven be amazing deep and enlightening to those who are ready to receive.

Celestine became inspired to offer "Oracle" transmissions in public. Her first performance
was in 1989 when she performed “The Ancient Future Oracle and Dance” with the Travelers of Light Dance Troupe, Santa Rosa, CA. Celestine offered her "Oracle" transmission inside her sacred Pyramid while Dancers embellished the essence of the Oracle through their magnificent dance.

Her current sacred "Oracle" transmissions include the Harmony Oracle Dance, which she choreographed and directed as part of Gaia's Oracle, Harmony Goddess Dance 2011, Harmony Festival, Santa Rosa, CA and number 64- Mother Yin Dakini, one of the 64 Dakini Oracles divinely created in artistic splendor by Penny Slinger. You will find more of Celestine's "Oracle" transmissions on her up and coming Celestine Prophetess website soon.

Celestine brought forth sacred Oracle Priestesses for the first time; Debra Giusti, Victoria Hazlett, HEAVEN and Azlan White, in her dance to give their "Oracle" transmissions. It was a deep and moving moment of the Harmony Festival participants. She was accompanied by musicians; Donny Regalmuto, Michael Olsen and Stephen Ross who lent their mystical musical talents to the Oracle Dance.

Celestine has been called a "Renissance Women" of our times. She is here to assist in the evolution of human consciouness and the elavation of our Planetary well being. In service to the our Sourcial Creator sheis here to keep "The Way" sacared.

~ Blessed Be ~

It is the time of Earth's Awakening into Galactic Consciousness come to our Galactic Earth Council (GEC) Meetings. For more information or to join Email:Galactic Earth Council

~ Glory In The Light Of The Radiant One ~

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