Holistic Therapeutic Healing Practice  

Dr. Celestine Star, DD, CHT, AHT, LC- Holistic Therapeutic Healer, Educator, Lecturer, Workshop Leader, Author, Grandmother Wisdom Keeper

Celestine's professional healing practice spans over thirty years. She continues to successfully offer her powerful transformative knowledge in Clinical and Alchemical Hypnotherapy, In-depth Psychology, Art and Theatrical Therapies, Mindfulness Awareness Meditations, Health-Wellness, Shamanic Healing and the Sacred Mysteries. Celestine has been a Spiritual Guide and Sacred Healer for thousands of women and men world wide.

Temple of Light (1986)
Arch Priestess /Founder/ Director

Dr. Celestine Star opened the Temple of Light  in 1986 offering Sacred Kemetic (Egyptian)/Native American Medicine Wheel Ceremonies, Shamanic Vision Quest Journeies, Advanced Quantum Physics healing modalities such as Nureo-Sensory Developement (Color Light Therapy) and Pyramid-Scalar-Laser Technologies. Celestine retired from her 12 + year as an Optician / Contact Lense Dispenser and Business owner of Middletown Optical. She felt the calling to offer Wisdom Teachings and Healings based on the Ancient Sacred Mystery Schools Traditions that carried the Universal Principals of Transformation. Celestine worked with and enriched the lives of thousands of people from all over the world though her rich exsoteric and esoteric modalities of healing. Spending time in the deep pristine mountains above Calistoga enabled Celestine to take time to process and heal her own childhood wounds and traumas.

Celestine received her Doctor of Divinity degree in 1988 at the Nortwest Ecuminical Institute, Petaluma, CA. She has continued offering her ministries is a Priestess offers Spiritual Teachings, Sacred Ceremonies, Mindful Awareness Meditations, Clinical and Alchemical Hypnotherapy Trainings and Sessions, In-depth Psychology and Shamanic Trance work sessions, Psychic and Tarot Readings, Spiritual Guidance and Compassionate Healing drawn from over 30 years of exoteric, esoteric studies and practices, such as spiritual awareness, sacred and Personal Healing Modalities, Eastern-Western Philosophies and the esoteric mysteries.

After having presented over 500 workshops and gathering through her business Enter Dimensional Light Services (1986-1975) Celestine is now focusing her time in offering lectures, workshops and seminars on the Ancient Kemetic Holy Sciences and the Universal Principles of Oneness through theTemple of Light. Watch Sacred Teachings videos from Celestine's Playlist, such as Planet Earth Review, Spirit Speaks and Golden Star Productions ( Media and Events Company) on her YouTube.com Channel:
Celestine GoldenStar.

Celestine is offering private Conscious Connection counseling, mediations, weddings and funeral services and sacred ceremonies to assist and promote harmonious relationships and spiritual evolution.

Optical Career (1978-1990)

Celestine became a Licensed Optician and Contact Lenses Dispenser in 1978, Lancaster, CA. She practiced in San Francisco at Jenkle Davidson Optical, San Francisco (1979 to 1981), worked at Pearle Vision Center, Pleasant Hill, CA (1981-1985), Site For Sore Eyes, Berkeley, CA(1985-1987) and opened her own optical store Middletown Optical, Middletown, CA (1986-1990). Celestine was a Master Optician able to take prescriptions, cut, edge and dispense glasses- contacts and work closely with Ophthalmologists and Ophthalmologist assisting them with their eye and cataract patiences. It was through the "Widows of the Eyes" Celestine worked intimately with thousands of patiences, healing their need to see clearly into their world. She developed her "intuitive healing" abilities while reaching into the heart of humanity. Being a pharmacist of the eyes opened the "portal of inner seeing and healing" for Celestine. It is a time she caries in heart as a blessing that prepared her for the next step in her life.

Nuerosensaory Developer/ Clinical Massage Therapist/ Esthetician/Mayo Facial Release/ Cranial Sacral Practitioner (1989- Still)
Celestine began her massage and healing practice in Middletown, CA (1989) Celestine brought her private practice to Dr. Rosenbaum’s private office, Corte Madera, CA (2005) offering specialized modalities of healing: Mayo Facial Release/ Cranial Sacral, Esthetician/Micro-Dermabrasion/ Ultra Sonic Weight Loss Program, Clinical Massage and Bodywork Therapy, Clinical and Alchemical Hypnotherap

Marin Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis (2010)
Marin, CA (Affiliate - Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis, Santa Rosa).

As Founder and Director, Celestine Star is in charge of all aspects and business affairs of the Temple of Light and Marin Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis; administration, bookkeeping, accounting, marketing, phone calls, setting appointments, maintaining Clients records, handling daily emails, addressing clients with letters and emails, production management, ticket and product sales management, daily reports, publishing, video productions, Internet Management (IT), interactive marketing and advertisement, scheduling teaching engagements and general office needs.

Co- Facilitator and Educator- Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis (2011 Trainer Track)           
Marin CA
Celestine is Co-Facilitating Alchemical Hypnotherapy Classes with David Quigley, Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis teaching college accredited courses on the Basic, Clinical and Alchemical Hypnosis.She has assisted David Quigley earlier in her career as a Clinical and Alchemical Hypnotherapist. (1989)

Celestine is the Founded and Director of the Marin Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis, in association with the Santa Rosa Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis office offering classes and trainings in Marin, CA. Celestine has trained, taught and worked the field of Psychology, Cognitive Therapy, NLP, Past Life Therapy, Body Work, Body Language, Drug, Childhood and Sexual Abuse since 1986.

Spirutal Healing Practice

Celestine began her life as a Magickal Child born into a modern occult family. Although she recieved an extensive education and became masterful in many of the esoteric and exoteric "Mystery School" sciences and arts her life was filled with the suffering and pain of childhood abuse. Celestine dedicated her life, at an early age, to elevating suffering and pain where ever possible through the compassionate work of healing and educating humanity. Her path is the "Way of Spirit". that which is enate within all living beings. Celestine continues to work toward bringing about transformative, evolutionary consciousness to assist in establishing harmony and balance in the world for present times and future generation.

Celestine's family lineage; Egyptian, Iroquois and French and her "proper" up bringing in London England influenced her desires to learn about humanity, the world and it's history. How one human being could cause harm to another has been her life long search for "Truth" and how to bring an end to human ignorance and cruelty.  Celestine understands it is through awakening, healing and clarifying one's life one may began to move forward towards peace, harmony and balance in ones life. She has lived through 5 world wars on our planet and understands the underbelly of the world of politics and world control. Celestine sees the world changing slowly as more of humanity awakens to their higher nature. She is here to be a part of the solution.

Near Death Experience at the age of 6 yrs. enhanced Celestine’s connection and knowledge of dimensions beyond our Earthly Plane. “Beings of Light”, as she calls the Heavenly Guides who have been with her since her journey into the afterlife, gave divine guidance to assist Celestine in her service to Humanity and our Earth.

Celestine was guided by the “Beings of Light” to begin studying and working withTarot Cards at the age of 10. It began her life long studies into the ancient teachings of the Kabbalah, the Book of Sefer Yetzirah and other ancient mysteries. This along with her experiential knowledge of the Paranormal, Science, Pyramidology, Spiritism, and other forms of ancient esoteric studies allows Celestine to offer very accurate professional Tarot Reading, Psychic Readings and Psycho Therapy, while her empathic abilities allows her to see deeply, with compassion, into matters of the heart, relationships, business and health.

In 1986, Dr. Rev. Celestine D. Div, founded the “Temple of Light”. She offered professional healings and teachings in Psycho Therapy, Mystery School Teachings, Sacred Medicines and Shamanic Medicine Wheel Ceremonies to her international clientele and community. Her business, “Enter Dimensional Light Services” brought informational workshops and events in Cabbalist Teachings, Metaphysics, High Science, Alchemy, Health and Healing and other Esoteric Arts to the world.

Dr. Star draws upon her great wealth of studies and life experiences such as the Healing Arts, including Eastern Philosophies I-Ching, Fung Shui, Tibetan Buddhist meditations and the healing yoga arts and her knowledge of the Sacred Medicine Wheel taught to her by a Arapaho Elder Ruby Sky. Her abilities and knowledge of the Spirit World is rich with potential. Celestine is often called to give guidance for to those passing or those pasted over to the other side.

In 1996 Dr. Star opened Calistoga Health and Beauty Spa where clients enjoyed counseling in          health, healing messages, cranial sacral therapy and beauty treatments. Celestine is dedicated to the health, healing and evolution of Humanity on Earth. You will find her to be insightful, kind, compassionate, trust worthy, responsible and direct in offering her services.

Celestine now offers "Celestial Activation Readings", which focuses on
your needs, whether they are concerning your family issues, your love life, business, relationships, your need to look deeper into the shadows of your inner self in order to bring healing light or looking from the present to the future to sense what is the best path for your life.

For those who are awakening or are firmly on the "Sacred Path Home" Star's "Celestial Activations" have proven to bring forth your true Divine Essence and show a clear path for the next part of your journey.

All "Celestial Activation Readings" are made from the heart with a desire to bring upliftment, enlightenment, positive change and compassionate wisdom to those in need.

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